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The 093-00001-01 is a KIT W/ 090-72010-71 IF ANTENNA, 093-00001-01 CABLE BRACKET KIT, 093-72010-71 HARDWARE KIT for the TIMESOURCE-3500 product line. VenTel buys, sells, tests and installs SYMMETRICOM TIMESOURCE-3500 products.

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TimeSource 3500 is a stand-alone GPS Stratum 1 PRS (Primary Reference Source) Timing System for GPS hostile environments that meets GR 2830 network PRS performance requirements. Stratum 1 performance is achieved using advanced BesTimeĀ® technology (a single-satellite locking GPS receiver subsystem) and Rubidium local oscillator. Symmetricom was acquired by Microsemi in 2013.


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