Engineering, Furnishing and Installation

VenTel offers engineering, furnishing, and installation (EF&I) services for equipment and infrastructure in wireless and wireline facilities. We’ve developed a repeatable procedure for every stage of the installation process that ensures quality results on time every time.

Quality installations begin with quality engineering. VenTel provides in house engineering services that serve as a foundation for our installation teams. Our engineering package includes site survey(s), detailed product specifications, material lists, drawings, asset management updates, and equipment assignments.

Our procurement department will seek out the highest quality, lowest cost, and best lead times for all installation materials required for each job. We have distributor contracts with most major manufacturers and leverage our relationships to meet our customers goals.

Our installers are the most experienced, highly trained professionals available. Our skilled teams include level one through level four installers, with specialists such as switch technicians, transmission equipment installers, DC power technicians, and certified C10 electricians.

If you want your install done right the first time, on time, every time trust VenTel with the job. Contact us today for a quote or for more information:

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Wireline Facilities

We service central offices, data centers, and headend offices. We provide infrastructure and facility support for growing and existing networks.

We engineer, furnish, and install:

  • DC Power Plants and DC Distribution to Equipment
  • Inverter Systems and UPS
  • Overhead and Raised Floor Ironwork with Cable Rack Systems
  • Fiber Distribution and Raceway Solutions
  • GPS (Timing)
  • Equipment Installation with Test and Turn-Up
  • Asset Management
  • Colocation Augments

Wireless Facilities

We service cell sites, pop-sites, MSC’s and road side cabinets. We have the ability and experience to implement all areas of your wireless network needs.

sample aerial view


We engineer, furnish, and install:

  • Fiber Feasibility Surveys for Multiple Cell Site Projects Including Small Cell
  • AC and DC Power Solutions
  • GPS
  • RF Cabling
  • Ethernet to the Cell Site
  • LTE Site Prep and Cut-Over
  • Infrastructure for Shelters and Outside Cabinets
  • H-Frame Augment and Additions
  • Equipment Installation, Configuration, Test and Turn-Up
  • Real Estate Items
  • CRAN
  • iDAS