Management Solutions

NetExchange – Maximize value in your network assets

With VenTel’s NetExchange program, you can literally exchange and trade excess or older networking equipment for products you need today. Our aim is to make the process seamless and simple, so you can focus on your core business. VenTel provides the means to acquire newer technology and grow your network without ANY capital expenditure outlays.

NetExchange Benefits:

  • Create budget dollars instantly
  • Maximize value with straight trade or credit
  • Eliminate storage costs & create warehouse space
  • No purchase order process
  • Alleviate dependence on OEM backorder delays
  • VenTel makes it EASY – We handle all logistics valuation, packaging, & shipping
  • Absolutely no cost outlay

NetShield – Providing a Cisco SMARTnet Alternative

NetShield is VenTel’s network maintenance program that offers a complete coverage solution customized to your network and budget needs. Save as much as 50% on annual hardware maintenance and support without sacrificing your network protection.

Spending too much on SmartNet with infrequent software upgrades or TAC case openings on edge or legacy gear? The high costs of traditional OEM maintenance force many companies to focus resources only on the core, and are unaware there’s an alternative solution to SmartNet. NetShield offers the flexibility to protect your edge and remote offices while maintaining OEM core network coverage.

NetShield service highlights:

  • Guaranteed advanced hardware replacement (NBD, 4 hr, or spare on-site).
  • 24/7/365 in-house tech support with Cisco certified technicians.
  • Extend the life of your network — Manufacturers often announce product end-of-life (EoL) long before an equipment upgrade is necessary. NetShield’s full support of current and legacy equipment puts the control of your network maintenance back in your hands.

Let VenTel provide a free analysis of your current maintenance and support profile, and deliver recommendations for improvement and cost reduction.

Common hardware supported by NetShield: Switches, Routers, Access servers, CMTS equipment, IP telephony, optical transport, and more


Receive maximum value for your surplus networking equipment and telecom hardware. VenTel’s revenue share program provides you with a single-source for project management, reporting, resale, and disposition. VenTel will inventory your excess equipment, assign a market value, provide necessary refurbishment, and market your assets for resale to our vast end-user marketplace.


VenTel provides recycling and reuse solutions to do our part to help the environment. Any equipment that is not suitable to be redeployed or resold can be safely and responsibly recycled. Our comprehensive recycling program offers a fully sustainable and audited alternative to landfills for the secure disposal of surplus network infrastructure.