The 8000006-22 is a 40GB/S TRANSPONDER for the OTS-4000 product line. VenTel buys, sells, tests and installs OPNEXT OTS-4000 products.

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The Opnext OTS-4000 series optical terminal subsystem (OTS) is a NEBS-3 compliant shelf-level product that occupies one third of a standard seven-foot equipment rack and supports eight hot-swappable line cards, each with 40 Gbps total capacity. The OTS-4000 chassis supports redundant DC power feeds and provides full redundancy of all common equipment.

There are two 40G transmission modulation schemes used by OTS-4000 series line cards, Phase Shaped Binary Transmission (PSBT) and Differential Phase-Shift Keying (DPSK), both can operate on 50 GHz or 100 GHz ITU grid channel spacing. Opnext's 40 Gbps signal can be retrofitted into existing 10 Gbps DWDM optical channels, enabling Multi-Haul (simultaneous 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps on the same fiber) without the need for special 40 Gbps sub-bands. This compatibility with existing fiber types and 10 Gbps transport line systems effectively quadruples the capacity remaining on the original 10 Gbps DWDM span, and significantly delays fiber exhaust and the expenditure involved with lighting incremental fiber. OTS-4000 is scalable in single 40 Gbps channel increments, and provides a carrier with an immediate reduction in transport costs. Opnext's 40 Gbps transponder technology supports long-haul transmission using EDFA-only or ultra long-haul using Raman-assisted amplification.

The OTS-4000 product line was originally manufactured by Stratalight Communications. Stratalight was acquired by Opnext, Inc. in 2009, and Opnext was subsequently acquired by Oclaro in a 2012 merger valued at about $177M. In 2018, Lumentum acquired Oclaro for $1.8B.