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The L30500-D7042-X is an ALARM TRANSITION BOARD ASSEMBLY W/ LAN 10BASE2 for the product line. VenTel buys, sells, tests and installs COGNITRONICS products.

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The McIAS 1623/IP, the Multichannel Intelligent Announcement System, provides a variety of network voice announcement functions. The McIAS 16xx product family has been primarily used by Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to provide voice announcements such as selective call forwarding and caller originator trace. The 16xx was produced in two versions: 1) a lower cost configuration, as the 1607/68 (1 T-1 span capacity) and 1610/68 (3 T-1 span capacity), and 2) a UNIX(R)-based platform which utilizes many of the same components as the /68 series and is known as McIAS 16xx/IP. ("IP" designates an Intelligent Peripheral, indicating the ability to serve as a voice peripheral to any manufacturer's switch and delivering multiple application capability.)

The McIAS 16xx/IP was available as a 1607/IP, a 1610/IP, and a 1623/IP. Features include an open architecture, scalable processing power and disk drives, and centralized administration. Application examples include number change with call completion, automated attendant, voice mail and time and temperature announcements.

Cognitronics Corp acquired ThinkEngine in 2005, and subsequently traded under the name Think Engine Networks before selling the McIAS announcement server and CX Network Exchange media server product lines to Telesoft Technologies in 2009.


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