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The 162-0004-900 is a 4 -PORT DS3/E3 ADAPTER for the DN 4100 product line. VenTel buys, sells, tests and installs CIENA CORPORATION DN 4100 products.

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DN 4100

The DN 4100(TM) (Distributed Node 4100) multiservice edge switch platform, made by WaveSmith Networks, is a scaleable multiservice switching platform that combines ATM, Frame Relay, Time-Division Multiplexing/Circuit Emulation services (TDM/CES), and Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) services. The entire DN family (2100, 4100, and 7100) has an ultra-compact form factor while delivering telephony-grade reliability. The DN's unique WaveForm(TM) architecture supports any mix of multiservice edge and core networking technologies, enabling a migration that leverages existing infrastructure without a forklift upgrade. The DN increases today's service capacity at low cost and allows carriers to cap their legacy investment without disrupting services or overhauling the network. The DN 2100(TM) and DN 4100(TM) are optimized for remote edge and medium density edge applications while the DN 7100(TM) is geared towards Central Office (CO) switching.

Ciena acquired WaveSmith in April 2003, a month after WaveSmith announced a multiyear contract with SBC Services, Inc. to install the platform across 200 nationwide sites.