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The FB-16192-1A008 is a 4W TSPS TRK CARD for the GTD-5 EAX product line. VenTel buys, sells, tests and installs AG COMMUNICATIONS GTD-5 EAX products.

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General Telephone Digital Number 5 Electronic Automatic Exchange, known as GTD-5 EAX, is a Class 5 telephone switch originally made by GTE Automatic Electric Laboratories, which became AG Communication Systems Corporation (AGCS) by joint venture with AT&T in 1989. The agreement called for GTE to initially retain 51% ownership with AT&T eventually assuming 100% control by January 3, 2004 (15 years). After AT&T divested its business unit into Lucent Technologies (Western Electric and Bell Labs) in 1996, Lucent acquired full ownership of AG Comm by February 3, 2003, effectively dissolving AG Comm as a separate corporate entity. Lucent became Alcatel-Lucent, which became Nokia, who now owns the GTD-5 EAX product line.


  • 4W
    - 4-WIRE