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The 300-0706-901-REV-G is a DEX-ECS1/3 CONTROLLER MEMORY CARD for the product line. VenTel buys, sells, tests and installs ALCATEL-LUCENT products.

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The Alcatel-Lucent DEXCS Digital Cross-Connect (DAX) is a fully-featured 3/1/0 SONET cross-connect switch. The system provides scaleable growth to large-scale narrow-band cross-connects, and also provides the unique capability to bridge between the traditional telephony network and the cell based data networks (frame relay and ATM). The DEXCS can be configured as a Narrowband 1/0 (DS1 input, DS0 cross-connect), Wideband 3/1 (DEX-ECS1/3 DS1 & DS3 input, DS1 cross-connect) or Broadband 3/3/fiber (DS3 & fiber optic input, DS3 cross-connect). The Narrowband can be configured as a CS1S (CS1 small) with 84 DS1's, CS1 (medium) with 336 DS1's, CS1L (CS1 large) with 1544 DS1's and a CS1VL (CS1 very large) with 5376 DS1's.

The DEXCS switch family, from the Alcatel/DSC (Digital Switch Corporation) merger in 1999, has since been acquired by Telmar Network Technology (now iQor).