Ventura Telephone is a reseller of new, refurbished, and deinstalled telecom equipment. We sell landline and wireless switching equipment, power systems, networking equipment, and other related telecommunications products. Please browse our Products to find a product you need, or contact us directly for details on current pricing and availability: (805) 212-4959

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VenTel Certified:

Peace of Mind Warranty

A Warranty is really about peace of mind. Whether it's your network, your budget or simply just a checkbox on a form, VenTel provides numerous Warranty options.

Engineering, Furnishing and Installation

Our procurement department will seek out the highest quality, lowest cost, and best lead times for all Installation materials required for each job.

Component-Level Repair Services

Our state-of-the-art Repair facilities help to ensure that even if a manufacturer stops all support for one of your products, you still have options to keep your equipment running like new.